Thursday, September 12, 2013

Animal Print Chevron Pillow {Tutorial}

I was in a stash-busting mood a while back and decided that Gray's pillow needed a new cover. You may remember her Scrapbuster Pillow from last year. It was dirty and dingy and needed a facelift. I let her rummage through my fabrics and she picked out some animal prints. I wanted the pillow to be a little funky, so I decided to make the animal prints into a chevron pattern. Are you tired of chevron yet? Me neither!
To make this pillowcase I used 6, 3" squares of each animal print, so 18 printed squares altogether. And 18 white 3" squares. You'll also need a zipper if you want the pillowcase to be removable, or you can stuff and sew up the side. Either one is great!
To start:
Place a print square and a white square right sides together. Sew two lines, 1/2" apart down the middle of the square, from corner to corner. 

Use your rotary cutter or scissors to carefully cut between the two lines of stitching. This will give you two triangles.

Once you open your triangles, you have two squares. Half print and half white.
Do this with all of your squares until you have 36 blocks. Press the squares open with an iron so they lay nice and flat.

Now, to arrange them in a chevron pattern. Twist and turn your blocks until they line up as they should, in a large zig-zag.

Sew columns together, then the rows, creating your pillow cover top.

I decided to quilt mine a little bit by outlining the seam lines on the zig-zags. It added a little extra durability. After all, it's for a 3 year old!

Add a pillow backing and either sew in a zipper, or stuff and sew it shut to finish off your pillow!

Of course the back of the pillow had to be animal print as well.

And with a pillow this loud, a bold zipper was in order too.

Goldilocks LOVES her pillow. Even though she's got a room full of pillows after her Big Girl Room makeover, she still loves to pull this one out for lounging around in the living room, or for "sleepovers" in our room.

*Happy Sewing*

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