Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing for Boys

Although my little man is 7 months old, I haven't done a lot of sewing for him. Why?? Because sewing for boys can be hard. Their clothes need to be more detailed, rugged, embellished. They can't be ruffled and cute like girl's clothes. Let's face it, it's not too difficult to think of a million ways to make a cute dress for a little girl, but boys clothes can be a real challenge.
One clothing item that little boys DO get to wear is a short all, or Jon Jon. Hubby hates these, but I think they're adorable, and they look soooo comfortable! Naturally, baby boy needed some, so I got to sewing. You know I love to share when I make something that I love, so in the works is a pattern for YOU!'s REVERSIBLE!

When you're talking babies and toddlers, any time you can get one side dirty and flip their outfit over is a major PLUS!
The prototype, of course, had to be game-day appropriate.
Little man's has his Clemson tiger paw on one side, and the other side is for a sweet southern gentleman. Khaki and navy can't be beat.

The Jon Jon buttons over the shoulders, and has crotch snaps to make diaper changes a breeze.

You can use one set of buttons, or two, depending on how well your two sides coordinate.

I always want my babies to have "seasonal" clothes, for holidays and such, but I hate that they can only wear it for one day. With reversible patterns, you can have your fun holiday outfit on one side, and make the reverse side appropriate for every day wear.

This pattern is in the early construction phase, but I'm hoping to get it done and ready for you to sew before fall really sets in. There will be an option for long legs as well to carry the pattern into the fall and winter months.
Stay tuned!!
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  1. Looking cute! I have a couple that I love that I'm very sad to see Baby S is growing out of. My fave one is made out of soft t-shirt fabric (he wore it yesterday) and has a matching t-shirt. Nice to see that creativity is alive and well at your place. :)


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