Friday, August 9, 2013

The Triangle Quilt

The Triangle Quilt is finally complete and in the arms of a sweet little 3 year old! I wanted to use up some scraps from the pillows for the Big Girl Room, but I wanted to try something different than my usual patchwork.
I loved cutting out the triangles and arranging this quilt, but putting it together quickly became a pain. I remember why I hated geometry in high school. I don't like triangles.
I also tried using "extra loft" batting with this quilt thinking it would give it some fun PUFF. While it is a bit puffier, it made quilting a challenge. It's almost impossible to baste a quilt tight enough with this high loft batting to get a smooth quilting surface.
Gripes aside, I love this quilt and so does Goldilocks. It matches her room and adds one more piece of warmth to our house.

Matching up the triangle corners was tricky, but when all 6 line up it's a beautiful thing!

Most quilters would have a heart attack at how I did the binding. Not only is it machine quilted (I don't have the time or patience to hand-bind a quilt), I did it backwards. That's right. My stitches are showing on the quilt top. I did it on purpose. I like the look of stitching on things, embroidery, topstitching, etc. So why go through the trouble of trying to hide the stitching from my quilt border?? I like it.

The pink and navy are so pretty. It's a very girly combination!

The polka dot binding makes me happy. It took a long time to choose the binding. After all, it will be the frame for all of that work!

The backing uses a print that is in the quilt top itself. It's so pretty, but simple in gray and white.
I quilted along both sides of the horizontal lines, and along both sides of the triangle seam lines going one direction. I was running out of steam and didn't want to do the other diagonal lines.

It may be a while before I do another triangle quilt, but in the meantime I'm going to cuddle a sweet little girl in this one!

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  1. I just adore this quilt! There are not words! The colors and pattern are fabulous. That binding is adorable and I like to do it that way too. I totally agree with the top stitching of it all.


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