Monday, August 19, 2013

Exploring Our World

Now that our family is on a "normal" schedule (read: no more weekend, second, or third shifts) we are starting to get to do more things as a family.
A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go exploring a few miles north of us in the mountains. It was prompted by a little blonde telling her daddy that she wanted a pink fishing pole, and wanted to catch a fish.

Who could say NO to that?

So we grabbed the fishing rods, loaded up the car and headed to the trout stream.

For the first time EVER Hubby took a turn at babywearing so that I could do some fishing myself. He sent me wandering up the river. No luck there.

Goldilocks did a great job learning how to cast and reel. She was disappointed that we didn't catch anything, but excited to know that now we HAD to come back to try again!
I had not planned on fishing myself, but I couldn't help myself.
 I rolled up the pants and jumped on in.
While we were near the stream, we headed to the local fish hatchery to let Gray see the fish.
She got a handful of food and threw it in. She loved watching them jump for it!

She got to see trout of all different sizes at the hatchery.
It was a good learning experience for her!

Baby boy and I strolled along with them. He was perfectly content in his Ring Sling (click for the tutorial).

I loved spending time outside with both of my babies. With all of the mosquitos at our house, we spend more time swatting and spraying than enjoying the outdoors!

We took a little side trip to the Stumphouse Tunnel. Gray was super excited that we had to use a flashlight to see! It was dark, cold, and drippy, which was fun for her to see.

Brayden wasn't too sure about all of the darkness, but he had Mommy, so he was okay.

Love this picture of Hubby and Baby girl leaving the tunnel.

I think this little boy is happy to be worn. Snuggling up to Mama.

There were some fun things to "explore" outside. I had forgotten that to a three year old, everything is bigger and more awesome. That's the beauty of children!

We hiked down to the waterfall.

Then both babies wanted to be carried back up. Gray told Hubby that he was strong enough to carry them both...and of course he couldn't say no to that!

I look forward to  more adventures with our little family. Living where we do, there are lots of places to explore close by. Adventure day trips are going to make for a fun fall and winter (when we're not cheering on our TIGERS of course!!)


  1. I love these pictures. What a beautiful family you have! Your little girl could be a model with her perfect little curls :)
    It always makes me happy to see families enjoy time together. There is nothing better than that!

  2. Love the pictures. Kids are beautiful as always. Hope to be ordering from you soon. It's a girl.
    Natalie(yes your Natalie, lol)


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