Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day 5K

Hubby and I started out our Independence Day by celebrating our fitness!!!

He has been working really hard to get into shape, and I've been working kinda, sometimes, a little bit. Let's face it, I'm not motivated.
The races I've done have all been on Saturdays, so it doesn't work out with his work schedule. This one was on July 4th and perfect for us to do together!

It was called
Red, White, and Blue Shoes
and was held at the beautiful campus of Furman University. It was a bit of a drive, but it was great "couple time"

A little pre-race photo opportunity.

Do we like lime green and gray??? I can't tell.

Post-race!! Had a great finish time and lots of fun! I really just go for the post-race snacks. Mmmmmm....bagels.

These feet were tired, tired, tired after the race, but the long car ride home made for a relaxing end to the morning.

I've got another race in the line-up for the fall, but hopefully we can find one to do together before then!


  1. Good for you! I've run a 5K before, and it wasn't easy. Way to go!

  2. Great job! I would like to do a 5k one day. Congratulations on your accomplishment. :)



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