Friday, April 29, 2011

Because Gerber is gross....

Now don't get me wrong...There's nothing wrong with Gerber baby food. I know it's nutritious and is very convenient. However, I've tasted the stuff, and it was pretty gross. I make Grayson's baby food from scratch, using organic ingredients when I can.

We took a family vacation to the beach a few weeks ago and took Gerber foods so we wouldn't have to mess with the frozen baby food and a cooler. It was great just being able to throw her food in a bag and go, but I should have NEVER licked the spoon to clean it off. There was no texture! Yuck!

We have a freezer full of baby food now, and I love coming up with fun recipes for her to try. Matt says I cook better for her than for us....and he's probably right. I will be sharing some of these recipes so you can make them for your little one, or for's up to you!

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