Friday, April 29, 2011

About Me...

Here's a little bit of info to get you started....

I am a very proud southern girl, wife to Matthew, and Mama to Grayson Leigh. I love spending every minute I can with my baby girl! In my spare time (if I can find any) I love to craft, sew, and catch up on my DVR'd shows!

I have found a new love of sewing, and have been making things for myself and Grayson non-stop since getting my sewing machine. There's something special about knowing your little girl is wearing a one-of-a-kind dress made by you!

We have started the adventure of Cloth Diapering, and I also breastfeed and make all of Grayson's baby food. I'm not really a natural junkie, but I do like knowing that what is on, and goes in her body is as natural as possible!

I talk Matthew's ears off so in order to help him out, and get out what I need to say every day, I'm going to write it all down for me, and others to read. Enjoy!!

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