Monday, April 6, 2015

Twin Quilts

I finished the quilts for my cousin's twins in plenty of time before they were born. This is different than my usual last-minute gift scrambling! I was so happy to put these together for their teal and orange nursery. I wanted to put names or monograms on the quilts themselves, but I wanted their mommy and daddy to pick which baby got which color.

I chose neutral backings for each quilt.  A pretty gray damask for the teal quilt...

And a gray and white polka dot for the orange quilt.

I quilted them with an allover grid, outlining the seam lines of each patchwork square. It adds nice texture without competing with the patterns in the fabrics.

They are of course bound with my favorite black and white stripe binding. The perfect frame for a finished quilt. These are slightly larger than crib sized, so they will last for a long time as warm blankets or soft playmats. I can't wait to watch these two babies grow and snuggle them!!

1 comment:

  1. Love your quilts - these are beautiful! I'm trying to learn and I'm not being very patient about it. But you give me hope. :)


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