Monday, April 27, 2015

Tiny Closet Craft Organization

I used to have a craft room. It was beautiful, with tons of room for all of my sewing, embroidering, vinyl, etc. But as life changes, so does our available space. I now have a craft "closet". I do have a sewing table with my machine and a few notions in it, but all of my other supplies and machines were left homeless. And while homeless, they were vulnerable to the tiny Tasmanian devils that live with me. Just let the boy child near a craft closet and total destruction will occur.

This is what my craft closet (and table) looked like the night I decided that it was time for a change...

The chair is on the table because a certain Tasmanian devil likes to climb ON the table. Yikes. There's patterns everywhere, random fabrics, notions, threads....

Stuff piled on the floor because it wouldn't fit on the overcrowded shelves...

Ahhhhh!! I cannot live this way. So I don't...anymore. 

 So one night after the kids were in bed, I got busy. I took everything out of the closet, threw away the things that were broken, unwanted, or unusable, and made sure that everything that was being kept had its own place. 

I used inexpensive storage solutions to keep everything together. Some of these I've had for a while, and some where new. Most of the organizational items were repurpose during this clean out!

Photo boxes make great craft storage. Why? Because they stack neatly and can be labeled! That's next on my list, is to actually label the boxes.

These craft boxes hold everything from spools of ribbon to hot glue to fabric paint and googly eyes.

You know...the essentials.

The white storage bookcase was from target a couple of years ago, but you can find cube organizers anywhere at lots of price points. The drawered organizers can be found at any big box store.

I used the fabric bins to store my folded fabric, and the drawers to store other notions, patterns, and miscellaneous items.

You can find great deals on storage containers at the dollar stores, chain stores, or at your local thrift store if you're willing to look! The transformation of my tiny craft closet took only a couple of hours, but it has completely changed the time it takes for me to find things and create!

The very last thing I bought for my craft closet was the best 75 cents I could spend...a latch! No more Tasmanian devils in my neatly organized craft closet.

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