Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Scrappy Year

This year I vowed to use up some of my scraps. And boy...did I use some SCRAPS!!! 

I didn't realize how out of control my scrap bins were. That's right....bins. Plural. I had 4 cubes of scraps, from quarter yards to tiny little strips that I swore would  be perfect for a scrap project. 

I have really put those scraps to use, making everything from clothing, to kitchen accessories, quilts, bags and more. 

Here is a look back at this year's scrap-tacular projects:

I've also made LOTS of clothing this year using appliques as embellishment, which has used a lot of my smaller scraps. As the kids get older and start school, I know there will be a lot more appliques in my future. Goldilocks love anything with her "mom-ogram" on it, so I indulge her every chance I can. 

It has been very freeing to use up sooo many scraps this year to make things for my home and for others. I'm hoping to get back to buying some more fabrics so I can have a new stash of pretty things to make stuff with. Now that I've cleaned out so much room in my scrap bins, I now have room for more! 

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  1. Love the kitchen items - what a cute idea. Great gift, too!


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