Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adams Vest Pattern Hack

The beauty of sewing your own items is the personalization. You can make them HOWEVER you want. Our Adams Vest pattern is easy to sew, and so cozy warm for winter.

I recently found some pre-quilted fabric that I just fell in love with. Had to have it. As soon as I saw it, I saw Goldilocks in a vest made from it. The problem was, it was double sided, and both sides were equally beautiful. The Adams Vest includes a lining, which would cover one side of the quilting up.... so what is a girl to do?

Find a way to make it without a lining!

My solution...French Seams. I've never ever made French seams before, but they totally transformed the inside of this vest! 

The end result made me so happy, and made Goldilocks happy too! She loves that the inside of her vest is pretty like the outside. The quilted fabric keeps her warm without the bulk of an actual lining.

Perfect for play.

A little bias tape on the bottom reduced the bulk from trying to turn the bottom under as well. French seams, bias tape, and pre-quilted fabric. That is a fun new way to make an Adams Vest

Have you sewn an Adams Vest this year? 
Have you tried it without a lining??

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