Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tumbler Doll Quilt

When a sweet little Goldilocks asks for a blanket for her "friends", of course you dig right in to your fabric and start sewing!
I pulled out all of her favorite pinks and decided to try out making a Tumbler block! I made it the scientific way... measuring it out on the side of a cereal box, then cutting it out as a template. You'd be surprised how many of these fancy little "templates" I have in a drawer.

I love how well the blocks lined up.

I wanted a different quilting look, so I did some wavy lines all over in one direction.

She loves to grab it and show me all of the fabrics, then tell me what outfit they are from. Most of these fabrics were used for dresses or tops for her at one point.

Her "friends" love it. She rotates it between them so they can all stay nice and warm.
Everyone wins.


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love it!

  2. I love it! You're so great. My goal is to do more sewing for my own kiddos. Where is the back fabric from?

  3. Thanks Ash! The backing fabric is a quilting cotton from Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure it's still available!


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