Monday, June 2, 2014

Sewing Machine Cover

It's another scrapbusting project!! All of these projects I'm making for myself are turning out the same, gray, black, and green. I guess those are my favorites! I'm saving the pinks for Goldilocks.
I've moved my sewing machine to a new location in our house, and wanted it to look less "crafty" where I put it, so it needed a cover!
To use up as many scraps as I could, I did another patchwork project. These were some of my favorite prints from my scrap bin. I made a large rectangle of the patchwork, then added sides to make it fit over my machine.

I'm trying to use up bigger scraps too, so I used this funky linen for the sides. I probably should have added some interfacing to the sides to help it stand up straight, but it's doing it's job anyways.

Some light quilting of the squares added some texture and held it to the heavy batting on the inside. Nice and soft for my sewing machine.

Everything else in my house is covered in a blanket...why not my machine?

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