Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Loving Springtime

It's  spring!! While we're still having some chilly days and nights, the afternoons are getting warmer and perfect for taking babies outside to play.
Here's a little dump of some of my favorite springtime cell phone pictures...
Whether I'm cleaning or playing outside, babywearing is my favorite way to tote around my tiniest human. He falls right to sleep whether he's in his ring sling, or wrapped tight tied to Mama. This was his first time on my back. It seems backwards, but its so much easier to get a baby tied to my back, rather than in front.

As my baby girl becomes more of a "big girl", we get to experiment with more grown up styles! She loves pigtails, and actually sat still enough for me to throw some French braids in there! It stayed nice and  neat, and she loved having a cool hairstyle.

Springtime also means BASEBALL! I'm not a huge baseball fan, but it's worth watching a few games to see Goldilocks jumping and cheering. She loves sports so going to games is so fun for her! She looks like a doll in a sea of orange at a Clemson game.

I loved getting to celebrate Mother's Day with BOTH of my babies! They are my world, and I love spending my days with them. Baby boy was baptized on Mother's Day, so he's dressed as a real southern gentleman...seersucker bowtie and all.

We've busted out the sidewalk chalk, so it's time for some seriously colorful masterpieces on the back patio. The backyard is the perfect place for art, gardening, sports, and digging in the dirt. Everything's more fun with a 2 year old involved!

Some days, it's just as fun to have a pajama day. Onesies an PJs for everyone, cool and comfy. Definitely one of the perks of being a stay at home mommy to my beautiful and happy children!

The weeks to come this summer are going to be filled with fun, learning, trips, baking, playing, lazy days and awesomeness. Just as they should be.

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