Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Tutorial} Ring Sling

Today I want to share with you how to make one of my favorite, and most used baby items. You can buy slings, carriers, wraps a lot of places, but choosing your colors and tayloring the sling to you makes it so much more fun to wear!
There were soooooo many times that I just needed to run into a store by myself with Gray, and couldn't push a stroller, and didn't want to put her in a cart. Having her sit on my hip let her know that she was close to me, and I knew that she was safe. AND, I had both of my hands free to do some shopping. My old sling was always in my car, and it got used....a lot.
I decided to make a new one for the new baby, but Gray helped me test it out too! It fits from tiny newborns, to toddlers. As long as they're not too heavy for you, you can carry them in your ring sling. And since it's completely adjustable, Mommy, Daddy, grandparents, etc. can carry your baby without worrying about the fit.


2 yards mid weight material
 (My favorite is linen) You can also use denim or duck. I wouldn't use quilting weight cotton, because they just aren't as strong, and we want it to hold our baby!
2 Sling Rings (from These are made just for babywearing.
Do NOT use craft rings, or welded rings. They aren't safe.
1/4 yard accent fabric (can be cotton)
Sewing things

Cut your fabric into a rectangle 2 yards long and 30" wide.
Hem and finish all 4 edges with a serger or a rolled hem.
Now we need to pleat the shoulder for strength and comfort.
Make 1 1/2" -2" pleats along one short side of your fabric.
Pin each one in place.
I pinned at the top and about 6" down. Iron your pleats to hold them in place as well.
Sew a seam across the top of your pleats to hold them in place.
Thread the pleated end through BOTH rings.
Fold over about 3" and pin down. You may have to work to keep it even, but if you ironed your pleats down about 6", it will definitely help.
Sew 2 lines of stitching to hold in place. You can use a double needle, or do two separate lines. I also like the look of using a decorative stitch as well. Most of the weight will be on this seam, so make it strong.
To add an accent band, cut a width of fabric (mine was 6") by the length of the bottom of your sling. Iron all 4 sides to the wrong side, so you'll have no raw edges.
Stitch this on to the bottom of your sling for a sweet pop of color!
You could also add a zippered pocket, or a key ring if you're feeling fancy.
Thread the long end of your sling through the rings like a belt, and enjoy carrying your baby hands-free!
Make sure your baby is secure and YOU are comfortable while wearing the sling. The baby should fit nicely in a deep pocket created by the fabric.
*Update* I figured it was about time I showed my newest addition IN his sling!
Baby girl still likes it too!
So bright and Happy!
*Happy Sewing*


  1. Have you tried a moby wrap? You can make them too. I love mine!

  2. Ah so cool. We have a moby wrap but with my son getting bigger we have thought about getting a sling. Thank you for sharing :D

  3. Wow, that is a great sling, and would make a perfect present!

  4. I JUST bought some rings last week so I could make a ring sling! This is so perfect. Thank you!

  5. What size rings do you reccomend?

  6. What size rings do you reccomend! Thanks!

    1. Hey Kelly! I use the size Large aluminum rings from They are a good size for most fabrics.

  7. What would be considered mid weight fabric?

    1. Linen or linen blend fabrics are my favorite for their softness and strength. Quilting cotton isn't quite strong enough, but some denims may work well too.

    2. Okay thanks! A rolled that just folding the fabric over and then folding it again before sewing?

    3. Would this work?

    4. A Linen blend should be plenty strong enough. Just make sure your stitching is good and solid and always check for wear in the fabric before using with your baby!

    5. Thank you. I am getting a new sewing machine in the next couple weeks. I wouldn't dare make it on my current sewing machine! The stitches just look awful.


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