Friday, August 17, 2012


The renovation on the house is finally finished!! It didn't take too long to actually complete the construction, but organizing is proving to be another story. We're trying to move things from room to room while keeping this new room neat and clutter-free.

We closed in an existing screened-in porch behind our house. This was nice because the roof and foundation was already there. Here are the walls with the new windows cut out. I was so excited about all of the windows.

While Hubby did most of the planning, I had a hard time envisioning how this room would actually look.

Once the dry wall was up and  the windows were in, the vision started to make sense. We put my new couch out there for inspiration.

The outside matched perfectly with the rest of the house.

Soooo many windows!

The view from our bedroom. I love having our own little sanctuary...with a DOOR...coming out of our bedroom. The actually door is a sliding glass door, but I have our curtains partially closed, so it looks tiny here.

The wall color is soothing, the couch is comfortable. There's a TV mounted on the wall, and our computer is there too. A perfect grown-up space.

And best of sewing corner!! No more sewing in a dark corner with no window and one tiny light. Oh the light in this room is just remarkable. There's overhead lighting, and task lighting...all compliments of my adorable Hubby. He wanted to  make sure we could SEE.

I just can't get over how much space I have to work with now.

Now if we could just get my craft stuff into the room we'd be going somewhere.
In time. In time.


  1. What a splendid retreat! AND you get to have a sewing corner - with all the light... bliss! Enjoy your new space.

  2. What a fantastic room!! I am green with envy....



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