Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sew Sweet Placecards

Here is another Birthday Party Craft that I enjoyed making for Gray's party this weekend! I used them as labels for the food, but they would be adorable as placecards for seating arrangements, labels for food, or any other use you can think of where you want to identify something on a little card.

These are super easy to make and really add a special touch to your table!

Let's get started:

Printer paper
Sewing stuff

Begin by printing out whatever you want your card to say. Make it plain or colorful. When you trim it to size, make sure you leave at least 1" on top and bottom for the stitching. Cut your cardstock to size to make little tent cards for the table. Make sure there is enough room on all sides so you can see the colored paper for a nice border.

Select the decorative stitch you want on your sewing machine. I chose stitch #34.

Starting about 1/2" below your writing, begin stitching. Your machine will feed your paper just like fabric.

Keep it straight or let it wave a little. Each card will be unique!
Sew on top and bottom of the writing, or just on top, or on the sides...you decide!

Make all the cards you need to dress up your table.

The Birthday Party Craft Roundup will be coming soon!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love the look of sewing on cards..so cute!


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