Friday, December 7, 2012

{Tutorial} Diaper Cake

If you search the internet, you can find thousands, probably millions of pictures of diaper cakes that other people have made.
They're cute, they're themed, they're inspiring. But how do you MAKE one??
I've seen them folded, rolled, stacked, disposable, cloth, you name it, but when it came time to make one for my cousin's baby shower I couldn't find a decent how-to that would give me the look I wanted. What's a crafty mom to do? Make my own...and take pictures.
Making a diaper cake this way requires NO rubber bands, no rolling, AND my favorite part....only the white part of the diaper shows. No more Elmo peeking out of the side of the cake.
No-Roll Diaper Cake
Base for cake (cardboard will work)
120 size 2 diapers (for a 4 tier cake)
Coordinating ribbon
Paper shred
Decorations (Baby items, stuffed animal, etc.)

Let's get started!!
This is easiest with 2 to hold the diapers and one to shape the circle. But it CAN be done by one person...I did it!
Take about 50 of your diapers and begin to make a circle on your base. The diapers will be on their side with the printed patterns towards the middle. Gently curve the diapers to get it round and tight.

Tie your circle together with a piece of string to hold it in place.

Take 30-ish diapers for the second tier and make another circle, holding it together with some string. Make sure it's tight and smaller than your base!

Use your remaining diapers for the last two tiers. If you want to really secure it, you could put a dowel rod through the middle, but it's not necessary.
Once your tiers are stacked, use coordinating ribbons (I used a pink wired ribbon, and a damask ribbon layered together) to wrap around each tier. Secure the ribbons with pins, but DON'T poke the diapers.

For extra fluff, add some paper shred under each layer, or just the bottom layer.

Add a puffy tulle bow, or a giftwrap style bow to the top to complete the cake!

If your shower has a theme, add a stuffed animal, or some baby items to the cake as well. I loved how this little tiger was peeking around the cake!

Now, go make an awesome centerpiece for your next baby shower!!
*Happy Crafting*


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