Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dollar Store Organization

In the never ending task of trying to get our house organized, I've turned to the Dollar Store for inspiration. Before leaving the house I made a list of all of the "things" that really needed a place, or a bin, or basket, and set off to find what I needed...for a good price!
It's amazing the selection of storage items (and COLORS) you can find at your dollar store.
Check the kitchen section, the office section, and of course the organization aisle for the bins you need.

For the Pantry:
These bins come in LOTS of colors and are perfect for organizing small goods for the pantry.
We had piles of boxes of grits, oatmeal, instant breakfast, etc in our pantry taking up space. Those packages inside just aren't that big, so there's no need for them to be crowding space.

To make Hubby's life easier, and for when the babies start reading, I made little labels and tied them with twine to the baskets.

A lot of goodies fits into one of these bins. I eliminated 4 boxes and condensed it in here.

I have  lied to lovingly convinced my daughter that the fiber filled granola bars she loves so much are "candy bars". She thinks she's getting candy, I know she's eating healthy. We all win. Once she learns to read this will change, but by then she'll know that she loves them and it won't matter what they're called.
These metal bins make it easy for her to see what flavor she is choosing without having to get the whole box down. She likes having options.

If you dig a little, you can sometimes find really great baskets in the craft section. These two were perfect for housing lots of popcorn....

And a lot of drink mixes. Remember what I did with the Empty Crystal Light containers??

I moved into my bathroom to find things that needed their own "space"
These lidded jars made a perfect home for cotton balls and Q-tips. We can keep them out of a drawer and they still look pretty.

With two babies around, I don't like having cleaners all over the house. I keep one basket with my "everyday cleaners" in my bathroom away from the kiddos, and can easily move it with me as I clean.
We have lots of these larger baskets to store toys in the playroom too!

Our medicine cabinet got a facelift too. No more opening the cabinet to a sea of bottles and boxes.
 I used those handy plastic bins with labels to organize the medicines, and lower office trays to hold things like ointment, thermometers, and tapes.

No more knocking over bottles to find just what we need.

Getting your home organized doesn't have to cost a lot and can still look pretty! See what your local dollar store has to offer.


  1. I love those little baskets. I was just thinking this morning how I need something for the chili mix, onion mix and pop tarts in my pantry. I'll have to go check out our local dollar tree and see if there is something that will work.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I hope you find some great colors!

  3. Another reason to love the dollar store! Your organization skills are amazing :)

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